Small Group Study Guide

Welcome to this study guide for ‘On my Knees’.

I know from my own experience of leading small groups that study material almost always requires some adaptation in order to work optimally in each context. As I’m sure this study guide will be no exception, please feel free to ‘tweak’ the following material as needed.

Although it is helpful for each group member to have read the relevant chapter of On my Knees prior to the study, it is possible for them to engage with the studies regardless. However, for the study leader, reading the book is all but essential and it will certainly be needed as a reference tool ‘on the night’.

This study guide, following the book, has thirteen chapters. I’m not sure that I would advise any small group to stick with the same theme or resource for thirteen weeks without a break. So feel free to divide the guide into several blocks if that’s helpful. I would recommend that chapters 1-7 be handled in one stretch. The remaining chapters could then be done either in a single six-week block or in two smaller blocks of three weeks each (chapters 8-10, followed by chapters11-13).

The aspiration of this course is that people might be encouraged to pray. Part of this will involve modelling prayer in the group times themselves so please ensure that space is always given to this.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you if you are using this resource (contact) and do drop me a line to let me know how the material might be improved for the future.

Chris Band (October 2016)