The test of any book about prayer must be whether, when you’ve finished reading it, you are encouraged to pray more often, more faithfully and with desire and joy, not duty and guilt. And that is certainly the effect Chris Band’s book had on this reader. Theologically balanced (in some notoriously difficult areas), biblically rich, and readably practical, this is a most helpful and encouraging companion on the journey of prayer.

Chris Wright, International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership

Some books on prayer simply exhort the reader to pray more. This book helpfully sets the question of prayer in the wider context of how God relates to the world. Do our prayers make any difference? Do they change God’s will or do they only change us? These and other such questions are discussed in an uncomplicated fashion, without ducking the issues involved. A very practical book that is well worth reading.

Tony Lane, Professor of Historical Theology, London School of Theology

In this book, I found (and you will too) insightful biblical exegesis, thought provoking theological analysis, godly wisdom, and much practical help, and I found all of this presented beautifully and powerfully. It will serve very nicely as a text for adult study groups at home or in church, as well as for private reading. I pray that God will use it to enhance your prayer life and to further his purposes for you as a partner in his work in the world. In spite of some differences in perspective, I have been blessed personally by reading this book, and I have been encouraged to persist in earnest prayer, as one of the key means that God has established whereby we can participate in what he is doing in the world. As we experience that work by God in our working together with God, our hearts will be stirred to praise and thanksgiving.

Terry Tiessen, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics, Providence Theological Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba

In this book Chris Band offers us a thoughtful and engaging exploration of prayer and tackles many of the questions that arise as our prayer life matures. Rooted in Scripture and illustrated with many stories from real life, this book will be valuable to any disciple who wants to reflect on and develop their prayer life. I believe that it also will be a great resource for ministers, small group leaders and youth leaders as they seek to nurture spiritual formation and discipleship in others.

Lynn Green, General Secretary of the Baptist Union

A deft handling of complex issues leads to a nuanced restatement of a traditional understanding of petitionary prayer. Chris Band has an enviable gift for down to earth illustrations, and his real-life interview data drawn from conversations with ordinary church members adds a special dimension to this elegant and readable book. This book will be an encouragement to the thinking and praying of all its readers.

Robert Ellis, Principal, Regent’s Park College, Oxford